Professional idea(the article for daily use is automized omni-directionally)
Technology(train, operate, assay)
Provide good service(telephone is available to provide good service)
Free technical consulting service
Japan imports HTRON infrared ray
Taiwanese general agent
Aluminium automatically-controlled
Automatically-controlled door of
infrared ray
LTN - the machine-building of
automatically-controlled door
Stainless steel shop front board
10m/m tempered glass door
Professional idea (the article for daily
use is automized omni-directionally)
  In the patent already not belonging to rich man of the society now, it is popular that we want the advanced scientific and technological products, can all enjoy the high-quality dwelling in life, the automatically-controlled door combines Hi-Tech humanization, deepen the surrounding area of you and my life, automize omni-directionally, fear and various kinds of tests hard and serve the people, it is our sincere way to want to take for ever.
Professional idea (the article for daily
use is automized omni-directionally)
  Long period of time of our company and doing (technology is trained, system operation and skill are assayed) to the staff regularly Wait for the training, so staff members are trained strictly in skill, dare to accept the people to test.
Provide good service (telephone is
available to provide good service)
  Our company is in line with the attitude of the sincere service, professional technique quality guarantees no matter you are when that relevant products bought are out of order, or the construction way mistake results in crashing frequently. So long as deal with to us, it is out of question to install and maintain
Free technical consulting service
  About (construction technology, use maintain, goods introduction.. ,etc.) Or you have other relevant problems demands to answer, we will be willing to serve you.
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