Tai Shan Auto door enterprise co., 1td., founded in 1985, has earned all its customers trust and praises for excellent business services and superior products. our auto doors are highly reconnended by domestic users such as stores in general, 7-11, family, ok, and many other renowned convenience chain stores, occupying 50% of the market share in Taiwan, our products fetures superb quality and easy installation and operation . We are capable of handling everything pertaining to auto doors from design, manufacturing and marketing, to installation and maintenance under an integrated operation, greatly reducing additional costs added by exploitations from the selling agents. With rich experience in the field, whole-plant production equipment, and technological know-how, we sincerely welcome domestic and overseas players in the industry to contact or visit us.
The single chip scientific and technological device of microcomputer order, movements really accuse of the speed,the computer sets up and adjusts automatically, the speed of speed is suitable, let you do in an ezpert way.
High-efficiency servo ones that adjusted the speed motor + electricity of instruction control province of single chip microcomputer and saw were seen, only need 40W electricity to consume, can reach low consumption, putting, high power result in high year.
The crowding type integrative shaping of aluminium alloy, aesthetic in appearance, too small to take the space, not out of shape, any special place or the special shop front can all be installed.

The automatically-controlled door controls the position, complete computerization, can is it is it adjust unusually to examine to detect automatically, have noise, zero trouble, sports are steady and smooth, longe-lived, let your customer feel comfortable, safe.

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